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Born in Malta in 1974, my love for design began to take fruit at a young age, eventually taking him on a 25-year old journey, fuelled by a constant search for the new, the innovative and the unique

"Carlo began formal training upon attending the Malta School of Arts, followed by a four-year stint at the Politecnico di Milano through which his passion for interior architecture took formal shape. Carlo went on to read for a Masters in Interior and Product design at the Scuola Politecnica di Design (SPD) in Milan, earning distinctions in all regards.

Since then, Carlo has built a reputation for creating a distinctive atmosphere for each project. He achieves a certain purity in the design language while remaining attentive to the context within which the design is being executed. 

Carlo’s design experience has led him to commissions all around the world. Carlo’s artistry spans the scale spectrum, creating everything from furniture to architectural projects.

Carlo’s design ethos is centred around a deep understanding of and appreciation towards elements which transform spaces into experiences, and experiences into design. He strongly believes in providing an artistic, as well as, deeply expressionistic design aesthetic. This allows for a unique experience centred around materiality, and proportionality. 

Carlo’s graphic and vibrant approach, taste for contrast and sense of detail characterize everything he does without being formulaic. 

His decors seek a balance between aestheticism and functionality. These arise from his ever-growing expertise in materials, use of colour and artisanal knowhow."

Carlo Schembri // Artistic Director, Designer, Artist, Easthese.
Lover of all things beautiful.

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